Live Blood Tests

Live Blood Test Before

Live Blood Test After

2020 Blood Test Results

Review by Dr. Cherell Holladay, BSW Wellness Officer

The scientific view of the pattern of movement that the live cells consistently
maintain after the BSW technique is applied, indicates that all trauma from the
Pandemic could be reversed and remain reversed as the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems
learn to respond rather than react to what appears to be life-threatening trauma.
Our BSW Certified Coaches have been receiving special training to be able to be prepared to deal
effectively with the sudden numbers of clients, including the corporate clients that can use the
techniques to prevent PTSD in their employees.
We are currently training mental health and medical professionals who will be taking these
techniques into businesses, communities, schools and education systems.
BSW blood test results proves “wellness” at a cellular level. Your blood starts to repair itself after
using one simple technique, imagine what all 6 techniques will do for you.