Our Program

Community Grown Heroes is a co-ed Out of School Club for 6-18 year old's. The purpose of the program is to assist these children and youth to deal positively with the challenges of poverty, food insecurity, loneliness, depression, shame and rage. The program teaches proactive methods to safely resolve many of the dilemmas they face everyday.

Through our daily fun activities, the children and youth have an opportunity to learn how to be a positive influence in their home, school and community. The key to our success is to teach each individual to live by a personal honor code as a way of life. The code teaches the healthy choices to make in every situation that they will face. It resolves the uncertainty, indecision and confusion that arises when they have to choose between being a hero, a bully or a victim. The children can use this code of honor to direct the rest of their lives and they will learn to thrive and become self-reliant, regardless of the hardships they are experiencing today.