Elena ZakrutaevaJudicial System

Elena is a professional ICF and BSW certified coach with 15 years of
experience and MA in phycology.

I also hold an associate degree in paralegal studies.

I have been working in the US legal system providing training and
coaching services. I offer much needed support when my clients face
serious challenges.  I strongly rely on my experience and knowledge of
the US legal system to be able to bring the most effective and powerful
coaching when it’s needed the most.

I have been working with law firms and federal governmental agencies
across the USA both in and out of courtrooms to help witnesses,
defendants and plaintiffs. I make it my mission to not only support my
clients in the best possible way during the legal proceedings but to
also equip them with transformational skills that will remain their
lifelong asset.

I partner with my clients to help them overcome past emotional traumas,
mental and physical wounds and limitations. I provide them with powerful
tools, guidance and support to restore their sense of wellbeing and
wholeness, overcome obstacles and pain. We re-create their lives to a
new healthy and happy reality. Together we design the plan and work on
achieving their personal goals, build fulfilling and balanced routines
and instill new skills that lay solid foundations of their long-term