Kim Clavette - Daycare & Pre School Programs

Kim ClavetteChildcare & Pre School Programs

Brain to Body Wellness is owned by Kim Clavette. Kim is a certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach from Maine. She joined BSW Academy USA in 2016 after making a decision to further improve her health. She has been learning the BSW Neurokinesis Techniques and applying them to her daily life for the past three years. Kim is certified in BSW Level 1 and 2, EFSP, Only One Childhood, Powerful Parenting, Homegrown Heroes, and is also a trainer in the BSW Neurokinesis techniques. This means that Kim is now a BSW Interventionist. 


In addition to Health Coaching, Kim is also a Certified Early Childhood Educator. She cares for and teaches infants through school age children. In her program, the use of the BSW techniques to reduce stress and improve relationships is a daily practice. The use of the BSW Hand Technique and Laughing Technique is used first thing in the morning to begin the day on a happy note. Everyone, young and old alike, participate in this practice to set the tone of the day. These techniques are also used whenever there is a conflict between peers and whenever there are emotional outbursts. 

Having the BSW techniques to use as needed really does reduce stress within the program by regulating emotions in a healthier way. Reducing stress allows more focus and attention for learning, better relationships, and an overall sense of wellbeing within the program and in their own homes.