lupita sotelo spanish language director

Lupita SoteloSpanish Language Director

Lupita M. Sotelo has a wealth of knowledge working with children, adolescents, young adults as well as adults of ESOL. Her talents range from speaking, communicating, teaching, and mentoring. She graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. The spectrum of her experience extends supporting and assisting ESOL adults with the development of their businesses. She Spoke and helped organize an event for Principal Minds, a non for profit organization at McHenry Community College, against bullying and teaching children to accept and be proud to own their uniqueness; they are one of a kind.

Lupita supported and sponsored Elizabeth Duecker, the CEO of Soy Real Promotions, who teamed up with the Chicagoland Latino Radio Station to address various Latino community issues. As a certified coach, trainer, and speaker through the Les Brown Unlimited Team (LBUT), her objective is to inspire and motivate diverse ages and communities.