Refund Policy

Last Updated: October 21, 2021


Refund Policy


1.   You have three (3) business days to reconsider the membership. You may cancel the membership without any reason if you notify us in writing within three (3) business days of joining the Club.  If you withdraw from the Club within the first three (3) business days you do not owe us a fee, although you may be responsible for our actual costs during that time.  Our costs are $10.00.


2.   NO refund requests after the standard 3 business days to reconsider under Florida law will be honored for your $10 per month membership fee. This special rate is significantly reduced from similar membership fees of $150 on average.  The $10 is to cover costs.


3.   This special rate will continue as long as the Pandemic Emergency Response is in effect. We felt that it is more important to make this opportunity available to you and your household at a reasonable rate. We are giving you a fair exchange as “membership” provides protection of your child’s or youth’s information online until age 18.  Our website security system provides that protection as part of your paid membership.


4.   Of that monthly $10 fee, 40% of it is going to paying the kids and into your household. We cannot honor ANY refund requests for this reason.


5.   The CGH Program has a proven track record of success since 2002. We are introducing it to the United States.


6.   Parents, you also learn the techniques as part of helping your children learn to prepare their audition. If you wish to learn to be a Coach/Interventionist, we have a pay-as-you-go program.